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About triumph

IT company whose main business is setting up, installing, and maintaining corporate computers/servers. In addition we provide resident support services such as customer information management. Our desk departments are based in Aichi, Tokyo, Osaka, Shizuoka, Hokuriku, Hiroshima, Tohoku, Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, and Cambodia.
When it comes to IT, many people think of "development", but we are an expert company in charge of "introduction", "operation" and "maintenance" after development. Businesses like ours, called "infrastructure companies" in the division of IT companies called "development companies," always play the role of delivering the final baton of IT services to users as the IT service provider closest to our customers. .

We provide ICT support throughout Japan. Please feel free to contact us first. We also support foreign languages.

Our Business

We flexibly respond to requests such as equipment pre-kitting, local delivery, installation work, agency settings work, replacement work for leased-up products of manufactures, mobile carriers and trading companies.

Corporate PC setting and installation work

From the setting work agency of each manufacturer to the replacement work of leased up products.

Master PC creation and kitting

We provide master PC creation support for large-scale introductions and kitting at factories/warehouses.

Maintenance service

We also provide on-site emergency project support. Such as emergency response when an incident occurs, overall preventative maintenance and replacement of equipment to local parts.

Information management department support

Helpdesk operations for user departments, project control operations for deployment work, investigations, trials, creation of procedure manuals, education, etc. We support the business of our customers through our specialized know-how and the practice of ITIL management processes.

IT equipment relocation work

We support relocation work under various conditions. We also relocate the server with the server mounted on the server rack. (*Conditions apply) We also support the relocation of IT equipment (servers, PCs, printers, etc.) accompanying office relocation.

PC setting work for individuals

PC settings work for individuals. "We configure personal computer settings. We develop services for individuals in the form of business to customers guided by the requests from manufactures, providers and retailers.

PC sales

We sell business computers for individuals, corporations, and industries. We carry out the maintenance and initial setting of the personal computer, deliver it "in a ready-to-use state as soon as it arrives", and also provide remote support.

Cambodia business

We will provide the same ICT support as Japan in Cambodia. On-site support in the event of ICT equipment trouble, on-site support, remote support PC kitting, help desk, etc.

Recruitment of partner companies

Our Company is looking for corporate partners who can meet the expectations of our customers for the aim of growing and developing together over the long term.
We are always looking for partner companies all over the country for whom we can grow and develop together in the areas of customer engineers and service engineers. We are also interested in what their collaboration of work will be like.


Estimates are free. Please feel free to contact us first.