Corporate Offer

Recruitment of business partners

Together as a company, we are looking for corporate partners who can meet the expectations of our customers and aim for the growth of the company.This way we can develop together over the long term. We are always looking for partner companies all over the country that we can grow and work together in the areas of customer engineers and service engineers and their peripheral work.
We would like to make the most of each other's technology, know-how, and area strengths. We also want to do business with companies that can build long-term relationships of trust. In addition to customer support companies nationwide, we have received the help of many partners such as call centers, warehouses, transportation, used PC purchase and sales, website creation, and light work dispatch companies.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

We provide ICT support throughout Japan. Please feel free to contact us first. We also support foreign languages.

Representative message

I'm Masatsugu Hyuga, Representative Director of Triumph Co., Ltd. Thank you for your interest in our business partner recruitment.

I believe that the most important thing in our relationships with partner companies is that we should "share our values". It is true that the ever-advancing technology, know-how, and achievements are important, but above all, if the values ​​of our customers and our company are not in harmony, we will not be able to provide services that satisfy our customers. Well, it will not be true to our company's philosophy of "I want to connect with feelings."

Together with our company, we would be very happy if we could work together with partner companies who are committed to quality improvement as professionals, respect each other, and build long-term relationships of trust. This is not necessary. please remove it.